Yuval Shousterman Director of Photography


"A&E Biography: Dick Van Dyke" for A&E
"A&E Biography: Redd Foxx" for A&E
"A&E Biography: Roman Polanski" for A&E
"A&E Biography: Bob Newhart" for A&E
"Biography: David Wolper" for the History Channel
"The History Of Medical Radiation" for the History Channel
"The Samuel Goldwin Biography" for The History Channel
"My Ghost Story" for A&E 
"Holyland Heroes" Friends of Sheba
Heroes" Second Season DVD
"ACE Lifetime Achievement Awards" Special Interviews

"When Comedy Went To School" Catskill Films
“The Race To The Emmys” Fox
“All Access: Prime Time Emmy Awards” Fox Television with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
"American Television Pioneers" Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
"Women Rock! Our Journey With Melissa Etheridge” for Lifetime Television

"BET Walk Of Fame” Stevie Wonder Tribute to Aretha Franklin
“The 46 Grammy Awards” special performance by Jack Black
“BET Walk Of Fame” Jamie Foxx Tribute to Petti LaBelle
“Before Me" Gladys Knight EPK for her new CD
“On The wings Of The Emmy The Making of the Emmy Awards” Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
"Survivors Of The Holocaust" Steven Spielberg for TBS
"A Salute to Robert Altman An American Maverick" for Bravo
"Gosford Park Special" for 2002 Academy Awards
"World Stunt Awards" For ABC
"History VS. Hollywood: The Alamo Liberty Last Stand" for the History Channel
"The Omen" For TLC
"Digital Café Farscape" Jim Henson Company for Discovery Channel
"Net Aid" World Television Event June Beallor Productions
"Project Love" Jerry Molen for Dreamworks
"Dating Story" Pie Town Productions for Home and Garden Channel
"Emperor’s Clothes" Steven Spielberg for Starbright Foundation
"1941" Special Edition DVD / Laser Disc MCA/Universal
"Jaws" 20th Anniversary DVD / Laser Disc MCA/Universal
"The Thing" Special Edition Laser Disc MCA/Universal
"The King and I" 40th Anniversary Laser Disc 20th Century Fox
"Lovesong of Leo Bloom" Engel Films
"Transit 2000" Wilkman Productions
"The Wrong Room" Star Entertainment
"Srictly Ballroom" Disney Productions
"Muppets Christmas Promo" Disney Productions
"Dog Spot Promo" Disney Productions
"American Beat" Group Ten/Ford Entertainment
"Crusaders" Buena Vista Entertainment
"Casper Behind The Scenes" Universal Pictures

"Enemy" Power Pictures
"Dragon Master,II" Imperial Dragon Productions
"Death Hunt" Imperial Dragon Productions
"Cat in the Cage" Saz Films
"Ten Violent Women" Cinema Features
"Shame Shame on the Bixby Boys" Calander Productions
"Money, Money" Norwood Productions
"The Boy in the Desert" Dreamworld Productions
"Picking up the Pieces" Cosmos Productions
"Ghetto Joker" Brothers Entertainment
"Lake on the Border" Irmah Films
"Assignment Rome" Po' Boy Productions

"Star Tours Star Wars attraction" Disneyland
“All Access: Prime Time Emmy Awards Webcast” Fox.com
"Ghostbusters" Landmark Entertainment Group
"Live Webcast with Dr Amen" Sylmark Productions

"Kirk Douglas Talk" JTN Productions
Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation
Edison Power Company Training CD ROM

Over 300 T.V. commercials including: Mobil Oil, Science Diet, Xerox, Quicksilver, Jeanjer Jeans, Gino Belini, 
Sergio Valente, Viking, Texas Instruments, Toastmaster, Paula Young, California Collection, 
Dupont Spandex, K.Swiss, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota.

"Ted Thomas System" Carizma Marketing
"Marshall Sylver System" Carizma Marketing
"Energetix MD" Carizma Marketing
"Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance"  John Abdo
"Yoga For The Regular Guy" Three and two films
“John Alexander, Using The Inverse Purchase” Family Products
"BodyBox 2" Three and two films
“Jeff Paul, Shortcuts To Internet Millions” Family Products
“John Alexander, Real Estate Riches In 14 Days” Family Products
“Jeff Paul, Making Money in your Kitchen” Family Products
“Clear Skin, Acne Lotion” Family Products
"Luminators Sun Glasses" Goldmine Productions
"Supermillion" Penultimate Productions
"Unlimited Learning" Word Media
"The Complete Credit Kit" 800 TV
"California Collection" Caruso Television
"Psychic Friends" Information Inc.
"Zap" Goldmine Productions
"Restore 4" Bruce Gold Productions
"Mellinger Secret Treasure" Hawthorne Communications

“The Puppies Video”
“Baby Dogs

"Las Virgenes Municipal water District" DVD-America
"Art Bridge" UC Irvine

"Ambassadors Of Humanity" for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation
"World Jewish Congress Project" June Beallor Productions
"Internet 2 Conference" for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation
"Fighting for Recovery from Cancer" Kit Thomas/The Wellness Community
"It's Ok To Tell" Aimes Media
"Native American Storytelling" Vice President Gore’s Reinvention Initiative.
"Your Kid In Showbiz" Mystic Pictures
"Toyota Previa Adventures" Hi-Fidelity Films
"RTD C.N.G." Wilkman Productions
"A Place For Art" Hi-Fidelity Films
"Edison, Corporate Services" Hi-Fidelity Films
"The Galef Institute" Rainbow Productions
"Mitsubishi Decade" Gindick Productions
"Haas Automation" Hi-Fidelity Films
"Nissan Capabilities" Carlson Productions
"Data Exchange" Hi-Fidelity Films
"Mazda Fall Presentation" Carlson Productions

Ongoing project for the Archive of Academy of American Television Arts and Sciences.
An eight year project for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

Numerous documentaries, training and educational films.

THEA Award "Star Tours (Star Wars) Attraction" Disneyland
Contributing EMMY Award "Survivors Of The Holocaust"
The CINE Golden Eagle "IT'S OK TO TELL"
The Gold Special Jury Award Houston Int'l Film Festival "It's Ok To Tell"
Silver Apple The National Educational Film & Video Festival "The Lovesong Of Leo Bloom"
Comedy Award Chicago Film Festival "The Lovesong Of Leo Bloom"

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